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digital illustrator

last updated on february 18, 2024

commission status: OPENNEXT EVENTS:whanganui pride markets
february 24
whanganui river markets
8:30am - 1pm
march 2
march 9
wellington out in the city
march 17
wellington armageddon
april 6/7
palmy armageddon
august 3/4

about me

last updated on december 11, 2023

hi there, i’m lumi!i am an artist based in whanganui, new zealand and i have been drawing ever since i was a child. my first ever dream job was to be an artist for club penguin, an online multiplayer disney game that i spent almost all of my time playing. i then wanted to be an animator but now i want to work towards being a children’s book illustrator!i want to spend my time doing things i love, which is why i wanted to turn creating art into my job some way or another.join me in the beginning of my journey by checking out my stuff at pride whanganui, the river markets, or at other events to help me get my business off the ground!


last updated on december 11, 2023
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interested in my work? check out my commissions page and my etsy shop!!


last updated on august 25, 2023

if you would like to place an order, please contact me on instagram, as i don't have an official online shop yet. hopefully this will be changed in the future!!if you like any of the things i have listed as coming soon, please be sure to let me know,
and they will probably come faster!


pokemon stickers
bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, pikachu, eevee, chikorita, cyndaquil and totodile!
$2 eachcoming soon: the third generation of starter pokemon stickers (treecko, torchic and mudkip)!━━━━━━━━━━━━━other character stickers
cotton candy and black cats, brock (pokemon), bluey, and scrooge mcduck (ducktales)!
$2 eachcoming soon: gray cats and sharks!━━━━━━━━━━━━━galaxy stickers
pride flag-coloured planets, the moon, and a star!
$2 eachcoming soon: more pride flag options!!


handmade wood-burned keychains
made to order at the moment. contact me to get one made with one of my existing designs!
left keychain $6, right keychain $8coming soon: acrylic keychains featuring pokemon, planets, other characters and genshin impact visions!

other merchandise

glass drinking cups
hand-decorated with vinyl
in stock:
bee, shark, frog, mushroom, pokeball, cloud and galaxy designs
$20 eachcoming later down the line: drink bottles and backpacks!

i am currently only shipping within new zealand.
$6 to ship stickers, keychains and other small items
$15 to ship cups and larger items
i will drop off anywhere within whanganui at no cost, or you can pick up your order from my stall at the river market while i am there!